Coaching Clinic Programs

Coaching Clinic Facilitator Licensing Program [CCFLP]

Become a licensed facilitator of the 2 day coaching clinic program, ½ day Personal Coaching Style program and ½ Coaching Conversation workshop, by completing our Coaching Clinic Facilitator Licensing Program [CCLP].

Corporate Coach U’s Master Licensed Facilitators can conduct internal, customized train-the-trainer programs for a company,
or individuals may participate in public 4-day in-person train-the-trainer program. This program is also available to coaches,
trainers, and consultants who wish to become licensed to deliver the Coaching Clinic (normally delivered in-person over 2 days)
into organizations. Coaching Clinic Participant Guides are available in a number of different languages.

Benefits of becoming a Licensed Facilitator
– Discover coaching as a powerful model of management, mentoring and leadership
– Hold their team highly accountable to stated objectives and outcomes
– Experience and practice with state-of-the-art coaching tools
– Learn the structure and skills to perform like a seasoned coach immediately
– Position the organization for rapid growth
– Make major advances in professional and personal connections
– Apply learning within the workplace immediately

Program Locations:
– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
– Hong Kong
– Singapore
– Sydney, Australia
– Chicago, United States
– Orlando, United States
– London, United Kingdom

For further details on the 4 day Coaching Clinic Licensing Program, is available here.