Coaching Q & As

Do You Have More Questions About Coaching or Coach U / Corporate Coach U Programs?

When researching coaching, training programs and all the options that are available it can be beneficial to have a list of questions that you want answered. At Coach U and Corporate Coach U we are happy to spend time with you to answer the questions you might have. You have 2 options to get answers to your questions:

1) One-on-One Time with Coach U and Corporate Coach U Australasian Operations

You are able to schedule one-on-one time with one of our team personally answer any questions you might have about upcoming programs in your region, coaching in this part of the world or coaching in general. All you need to do to reserve your Q&A session time is complete the form below.

Book a Coaching Q&A Session

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2) Become a Certified Coach Webinar

We also offer a 5 week webinar program (1 hour per week) to anyone who has an interest in knowing more about our programs and services and how Telecoursees/In-Person programs work. Our experienced facilitators will share valuable information with you and take questions from those on the webinar. You will find more information on the Become a Certified Coach Webinar here.

If you would like to speak with one of our team, please contact our Australasian office directly on ph: (+61 2) 9531 8988 or email us via our contact form.