Advanced Coaching Program (ACP) Telecourse

Core Essentials Graduates and ICF credentialed coaches may enroll in Coach U’s Advanced Coaching Program (ACP) or Corporate Coach U’s Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (ACCP).

The Advanced Coaching Program is geared towards external (self-employed) personal coaches, career coaches, small business coaches and corporate coaches seeking to expand their depth and scope of offered professional coaching services. It is also appropriate for internal organisational coaches with a highly diverse group of coachees with very different objectives and needs (such as cultural coaching). This program is broad and will prepare an individual to masterfully coach many types of clients with many types of situations.

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Who Should Enrol?

  • Coach U’s Core Essentials Graduates (CEGs) who want to enhance their coaching skills
  • Core Essentials Graduates who want to use priceless coaching skills, and apply our exclusive advanced Personal Foundation and Attraction concepts at work, home and enhance outcomes
  • Seasoned coaches wanting to stay engaged rich conversations with other successful coaches from around the world
  • ICF-credentialed coaches (PCC’s and MCC’s) committed to accumulating CEUs for required renewals, ACCs who want to continue with an reputable ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), or Certified Graduates
  • Professional individual, career, business and organisational coaches who want to be catalysts for change, stewards of the art and science of professional coaching, and models of living a high quality life full of personal and professional rewards
  • Coaches seeking more opportunities to join coaching panels to provide contracted coaching services to organisations seeking credentialed coaches
  • Experienced coaches, consultants, professionals, trainers, business owners, and others interested in communicating with a coach approach, becoming more influential and making a positive impact

What you will experience and have access to in Coach U’s Advanced Coaching Program

  • Participation in a higher-level conversation than found in the Core Essentials Program
  • Comprehension of the distinctions and subtleties of demonstrated core coaching competencies at the ACC, PCC and MCC levels
  • Refined knowledge and vital integration of the ICF’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies
  • 40 hours of required courses for graduation, including the 12-week Advanced Coaching Skills Supervision Practicum (this class is held as a group supervision of coaching skills course, with individual and collective support and feedback) and a diverse selection of advanced coaching practicums focusing on core coaching competencies for personal and business coaching
  • 180 hours of elective courses for graduation, you will determine which courses you take from the diverse set of elective courses offerings and when these courses will be most relevant. The remaining courses, not required for graduation, can be taken later for Coaching CEUs or for your next level of credentialing.
  • Participate in Marketing courses with intermediate and advanced marketing strategies to transition into full time internal or external coaching
  • You will learn everything a highly successful coach needs to know to masterfully coach personal and business clients around the globe through telephone-based or face-to-face professional coaching services.
  • Models for how to package your services and products to help your coachees become lifetime customers and referrers.
  • You will learn concepts and practical skills that have enabled our Advanced Program graduates to become PCC or MCC coaches, author books, write their own training programs (and add on optional coaching services), deliver workshops and seminars using our approved IP, provide consulting services with a coach approach, appear on television shows, create multiple revenue streams, contribute leadership skills to valued organisations at a high levels.
  • Becoming experienced and credentialed as a PCC or MCC coach could help you create your own work and play schedule, make deep and meaningful contributions and connections around the work and be 100% in control of your revenue and destiny.
  • More than 1000 pages of curriculum and material in eco-friendly format.

Coach U’s Advanced Coach Training Programs

Advanced Coaching Program participants will complete an additional 98 hours of required and elective courses, for a total of 175 hours of coach training in our system (the 175 hours include the Core Essentials Program or equivalent).

Our course offering is extensive in the Advanced Coaching Program. Participants determine their pace and your path. Each student will create a unique schedule. You’ll decide what you want to take and when, depending on your interests. The ongoing, weekly courses work in the same way that coaching works, ongoing, spatial learning allows us to learn, implement and adjust with accountability.

In addition to accumulating coach training hours for Coach U graduation, you will also continue to accrue and document client coaching hours and mentor coaching hours. Once participants complete all requirements for ACP graduation, you will be able to apply to receive your Coach U Certified Graduate award, which is a stepping stone to the ICF’s Professional Certified Coach credential.

Coach U’s Advanced Coaching Program will provide you with the theory you need to support your credential with the ICF. We believe your primary target is the PCC designation.

Course Information

There are a broad range of courses offered throughout the Advanced Coaching Program in both the core and elective area.

For further information about the courses offered during the Advanced Coaching Program please click here.

ICF Certification – ACTP

The ICF offers three levels of credentialing: the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and the Master Certified Coach (MCC). The Advanced Coaching Program provides 175 hours of coach specific training, all from your home, at your pace and on your schedule.

Coach U and Corporate Coach U’s advanced certifications enable certified graduates to apply for ICF credentials through the ACTP track.

Most professional coaches strive to achieve the ICF’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) designations.

Our approved ICF Accredited Coach Training Program track (ICF ACTP Track) results in attainment of the Certified Graduate designation in both Advanced Programs.  Our Advanced Programs offer intermediate to advanced courses to refine core coaching competency and develop mastery beyond core coaching competency for those seeking ICF credentialing at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC) levels.   Core Essentials Program participants learn foundational coaching skills and a variety of proprietary coaching models that can be used with virtually any individual or group.  In the Advanced Programs, each learner selects their focus market and special interests and builds a unique learning journey to accomplish personal, professional and business development goals.  The structure of our Advanced Program is critical for sustainable success; connect weekly, deepen relationships, participate in many practicums, give/receive regular coaching feedback, expand business opportunities and more.

Pricing and Enrolment Information

Pricing: Click here to view our most recent CEP, ACP and ACCP tuition schedule (pdf).

To register

To register now and secure your place please complete the registration form below. One of our team will then contact with you within 48 business hours, to finalise your registration, answer questions, clarify program logistics,  gain your payment instructions and let you know the pathway to your program commencement. Please ensure you read our enrolment policy prior to enrolling.

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More Information

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Students who successfully complete all coursework in three programs (a) tCEP/CEFTP program, b) the Advanced Coaching Program/Advanced Corporate Coaching Program, and c) additional requirements to receive the Coach U Certified Graduate or Corporate Coach U Certified Graduate designation) will be able to apply for their ICF Credential through the ACTP Track with the International Coach Federation.