Is Coach Specific Training For Me?

We’ve heard from the thousands of individual coaches and business coaches trained at Coach U and Corporate Coach U that they have always wanted to support people and have always felt like coaches. They were the ones people turned to for support, because they always knew just what to say to help a friend or family member through a rough period in their personal or professional life. They were the ones who enjoyed helping others think bigger, broader, smarter and differently.

People interact, motivate, create and innovate when they are understood, empowered, motivated, focused and clear about what it is they want. Many people enroll in our training programs because they have assisted others in the past and want to learn how to facilitate the development of others while gaining a new skill set.

Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

To be sure that learning coaching skills is the right choice for you, please read the following statements and place a checkmark if the statement is true for you.
Please note that some of the statements are more revealing than may appear.

I sense things about others that they are surprised
about when I share with them.
I am intuitive and can sense things about people that other people may not.
I enjoy helping others solve a problem with which they are struggling.
I’ve got a spark. People comment on how alive I am.
I am a very positive person.
I am naturally curious about people. I want to learn about them.
I am fascinated about life and how it all works.
I am excited about the significant changes occurring in all areas of life today and want to stay ahead of the curve.
I am willing to be honest with people, even if it’s awkward for me or for them.
I deeply respect people and accept very different ways of thinking/living.
I enjoy being a strategist. I like helping people chart a course.
I have special abilities and I believe that people are willing to pay for them.
I am willing to take the time to learn and perfect the craft of coaching.
I attract people who want my support and input.
I am open to learning new concepts and paradigms, even if they don’t make sense at first.
I can handle paradoxes.
I am willing to have my life be a model for others.
I am willing to charge for my time and services (if I become a professional coach).
I enjoy adding value to whomever I can, because I enjoy serving others.
I am aware of my limits, yet I know I can coach others well.
I want to learn new coaching models and technologies to help enhance my skill set and the performance of others.
I am willing to learn coaching skills via Distance Learning with self-study or by an In-Person Program.
I am willing to immerse myself in learning to be a masterful coach.
I care a lot about other people and enjoy seeing them achieve their goals.
I am excited about sharing what I’ve learned with others, and am willing to fashion it into something that fits the other person’s needs perfectly.

Scoring Key

You are already a coach; formal training will enhance your natural strengths.

You are an excellent candidate to become a coach

Although coaching may not be the right career for you, learning coaching skills will certainly improve your current work and quality of life.

It appears that coaching would not be the right choice for you.

Summing Up…

How did you do? Most people who read this book score 15 or above. If that’s you, please give serious consideration to becoming a coach or if you’re already coaching, think about taking your skill set and practice to the next level by participating in one of our coach training programs.