Become A Coach

Questions to ask when making your decision regarding which coach training organisation to train with

When you are looking at studying to be a life coach or business coach there are many questions that will be buzzing through your head when you are evaluating which coach training company to study with. Based on our experience and that of our students and graduates here are a few more you should get answers to :

  • Is the organisation accredited with the governing body, the International Coach Federation (ICF)?
  • Is the program an accredited program or part of an accredited program?
  • Is the program accredited at all?
  • Are your facilitators a individual coach or business coach in their own right?
  • Are they leading from experience or just theory?
  • Are your facilitators…..trainers or coaches?
  • Are your facilitators PCC (Professional Certified Coach) or MCC (Master Certified Coach) credentialed?
  • Where did your facilitators complete their coach training?
  • Are you able to use any material provided to you with your clients at no extra cost FOREVER?
  • Are you able to continue your coach specific training once you have completed your program?
  • Are you linked in with an International community?
  • Are you able to re-do, re-fresh, re-take any courses, after your program has completed? Is Life long membership an option?
  • Are you able to use the coach specific training hours towards a coaching credential with the ICF ?