Advantages of Enrolling with Us

Advantages of Training With Coach U or Corporate Coach U?

  1. A comprehensive, inclusive approach.
    Because there isn’t a single approach that works for everyone, we use a variety of approaches, strategies and paths to success, so that you can offer a complete menu to your coachees and customise your coaching to each individual. Coaches come from all backgrounds and have different cultural and style preferences. The Coach U and Corporate Coach U approach is sensitive to this cultural diversity and is also very illuminating as you learn how to effectively coach individuals from all walks of life and from every region in the world.
  2. Just-in-time learning convenience.
    Coaches want to learn what they need when they need it. Our flexible approach to Telecourse scheduling, use of self-study materials and access to other resources and other coaches makes this possible.
  3. Flexible professional path.
    Some coaches want to coach full-time, other people want to coach part-time and yet others want to integrate sound coaching skills and strategies into their current jobs or businesses. Thanks to the flexibility of our training programs, you can use your coaching skills in any way you want.
  4. Leading edge information and tools.
    Innovation is very important to us at Coach U and Corporate Coach U. You wouldn’t buy stale bread from the store, don’t buy stale information from a training program. We constantly add new content and upgrade current content to make sure it’s still relevant in a changing world. Recently we launched brand new curriculums that reflect the continual development and evolution of the coaching profession. Our materials are fresh, better, effective, learnable and teachable. Our materials are developed using a key learning increment model, whereby all pieces of the curriculum stand alone, but still connect with other pieces. The quality of the material that we teach was of such quality that three textbooks of this material was published by John Wiley & Sons.
  5. World-class coaches as trainers .
    All Coach U and Corporate Coach U facilitators have been leading telecourses and programs for many years and are credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach or Master Certified Coach. It is more important to us that this training program is facilitated by masterful coaches who know something about training rather than masterful trainers who know something about coaching. We want you to learn from experienced masterful coaches who are also good trainers.
  6. Access to an international coaching community.
    Coach U and Corporate Coach U hosts a variety of special interest groups, coaching chapters and other groups throughout the world, and this provides a powerful community for our students and graduates. In addition to being trained at Coach U and Corporate Coach U, you have over 50,000 coaches for mutual support and referrals. You have thousands of specialists you can turn to for help with a coachee, employee, friend or family member. And you have that many more people to connect with, benefit from, learn from and enjoy. Both professional and personal relationships result from this network.

Summing Up …

As you have read, there are many advantages to enrolling in a coach training program at Coach U and Corporate Coach U. Key to your decision will be the people you want to learn with. There are a number of common qualities that our participants share.

They are bright.
Coach U and Corporate Coach U attracts the best and brightest, people who have the intellectual capacity to handle the study materials, the emotional intelligence to intuit powerfully and the personal presence to attract coachees.

They are eager to learn.
Those who choose Coach U and Corporate Coach U already know a lot about people and about life, but also know that there is more to learn about coaching and are willing to invest in themselves and in their professional skill set.

They understand the opportunity.
Becoming a coach is a personal, professional and business opportunity. We consider this to be a personal opportunity because you will grow and evolve yourself as you become a coach. A professional opportunity, because you develop a skill set that is universally applicable in every field of endeavour. Finally, becoming a coach is a business opportunity, since coaching is a potentially lucrative career that can allow you to design a delightful lifestyle.

They know this is the right step for them.
Timing is everything and the individuals who enter Coach U and Corporate Coach U know that this is the right time to invest in learning that will pay off over a lifetime.

They are willing to be our partners.
As you have read elsewhere, Coach U and Corporate Coach U is special. On one hand, you are our customer and we strive to keep you satisfied by sharing with you all we have. On the other hand, we are all in this together, given the evolving nature of this profession and the craft of coaching. Therefore, we need your input, collaboration and support as well.

There is a technology and methodology to coaching. The process is easy to learn because as you learn coaching skills, you also become familiar with the coaching tools to help you apply your skills.