CoachInc Approach

CoachU was founded in the USA in 1992 and Corporate Coach U in 1996. Both are divisions of the parent company,, and are accredited by the International Coach Federation ( Our programs are very comprehensive, teaching skills you can use to coach anyone, no-matter what type of coach you wish to become.

Operations where setup in Sydney, Australia in 1998 serving the South Pacific, South East Asia, China, India and the Sub-Continent. Since then thousands of coaches across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia have become some of the over 30,000 coaches to be trained in the Coach U and Corporate Coach U programs.

Each year hundreds more people from all walks of life take one of the live coach training programs offered in this region, and many more start one of the core or advanced international teleclass based programs.

Coach U and Corporate Coach U are committed to not just providing coaching skills but also to provide some of the most complete programs that will allow coaches to become successful in their chosen field.

Coach U and Corporate Coach U graduates are recognised worldwide and are highly visible not just with their clients and within their organisations, but also within the coaching community. There have been more Coach U graduates represent the coaching community on the ICF board than any other coach training program. You will find Coach U and Corporate Coach U graduates everwhere – in the media, leading organisations and in their community.

The CoachInc group in Australasia, Asia, India and Middle East is lead by Cheryl Hornig, who has over 17 years experience as Director of Operations.  She has an extensive understanding of the coaching community and has personally guided thousands of people on their coaching journey.

We offer both in person and teleclass based programs.

Our teleclass coach training programs are completed over the telephone in a conference call format we call a teleclass. There is no travel required; you just dial a regular long distance phone number to attend. The teleclasses are dynamic with discussions, role plays, question and answer, and live interaction among the students and faculty. A set of three college level textbooks provide the foundation for the course work. The textbooks are the Coach U Corporate and Coach Training Handbook, The Coach U Personal Development Workbook, and Coach U’s Essential Coaching Tools. All three books are included in the Coach U Essentials, Foundations and Resource Set through Wiley & Sons Publishing at Students receive a 20% discount off the retail price.

Our in person programs, are offered at various times throughout the year and around the globe.

Our Core Essentials Program, consist of 77 hours of training and takes approximately 9 – 15 months to complete. The Core Essentials Program covers core and intermediate skills that each coach needs, whether venturing into corporate or personal coaching. The Core Essentials Program (CEP) is a pre-requisite to either of the two advanced programs; the Advanced Coaching Program and the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program. The CEP includes 16 courses which cover everything you need to start coaching and building your coaching practice. Here is additional information and complete course descriptions.

Core Essentials Program courses start the first week of each month. You can enrol in the program at any time, and typically start classes within 2-6 weeks. We recommend that you enrol no later than the 15th of the month prior to when you wish to begin classes. This allows time to purchase and receive the textbooks, schedule teleclasses, and take the first required course – CE 101.

The CE 101 is a one time, 60 minute orientation call, and must be completed before any other courses. Courses are generally offered Monday thru Thursday between 7:00am to 11:00pm EST. Our classes are scheduled in the USA Eastern Time Zone[New York] and for those living in a different time zone you can use to transpose the time correctly. If you would like to view a Sample teleclass Schedule showing dates and times we offer classes, please visit, click on I Want to Become a Coach at the bottom, and then click on the right hand link “Sample teleclass Schedules.” You are able to take a maximum of 4 classes per month, which would equate to being on the teleclasses 4 hours per week. Each class is 60 minutes in length, one time per week, for 4 consecutive weeks. A few courses are 8 weeks in length.

The Core Essentials Program curriculum is also offered in an in-person format, called the Core Essentials Fast Track Program. This program consists of 1) Student Orientation completed via the telephone, 2) Six consecutive days of in-person training, 3) Eight hours of follow up teleclass sessions, delivered in a two-hour teleclass each week for 4 weeks.

The Core Essentials Fast Track Program includes the textbooks, which will be provided on the first day of the in-person session. If you register at least 45 days prior to the start of the Fast Track Program, you are able to receive the early bird discount. The Core Essentials Fast Track Program or CEFTP contains the same training as the Core Essentials teleclass Program described above. Here is further information about this program.  On this page, you can find the current dates and locations being offered.

Once you complete either the Core Essentials Program or the Core Essentials Fast Track Program, you may wish to continue your coach specific training and enjoy one of our Advanced programs.

The Advanced Coaching Program (life coaching, small business and entrepreneurial coaching, and a bit of the corporate coaching program) or the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (internal/external corporate coaching). Both Advanced programs require an additional 98 hours of training for graduation. In addition to purchasing an Advanced program, you also have the option of purchasing the Lifetime Learning Membership.

The Lifetime Learning option allows you to continue taking courses even after all graduation coursework is complete for the one-time fee.

Visit the Advanced Coaching Program page or Advanced Corporate Coaching page for more details.

Our Coaching Clinic Licensed Facilitator program is a four-day program [in person] for individuals and organisations wishing to have a tangible coach-training product to deliver to managers and leaders. Gain everything you require to offer the 2 day Coaching Clinic, 1 day Personal Coaching Style Inventory Program and/or the ½ day Coaching Conversation workshop.

This program provides 31 coach education units towards any International Coach Federation coaching credential.

New! If you are a credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation and want to continue with coach training, you are now able to enter directly into one of our Advanced programs! In order to begin course work in one of our Advanced programs, you must complete and pass an entrance exam and provide verification of prior training and certification. Students must have a minimum of 60 hours of Coach Training and have obtained a minimum certification of Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation in order to qualify for direct entry into one of our Advanced programs.

The International Coach Federation is the recognised governing body of coaching worldwide. They ICF accredits schools and certifies coaches.

Certification is a process above and beyond attending a training program. Certification involves demonstrating knowledge of skills, ethics and standards, coaching your own clients for fees, being coached by a mentor coach, and a panel interview with Master Certified Coaches. There could be additional requirements based on the Certification level you choose. Please take a look at the ICF’s website for more information.

Most of our students are ready to start coaching within 3-6 months after their training begins. Some are actually prepared sooner. We encourage you to begin coaching as soon as you feel comfortable. The CEP helps prepare you for this by pairing you up with other students and asking you to coach one another outside of class. There are also role plays within the teleclasses and inperson programs in which you have an opportunity to either be coached, coach someone, or listen and evaluate. Coaching while you are in the program allows you to better comprehend the material, and if you choose to charge you can “earn while you learn.”

For additional information and the opportunity to have questions answered in a live format, we encourage you to take advantage of our free Question & Answer teleclass. You can register for this class on our website at by clicking on I Want to Become a Coach, then on Free Coaching Q&A on the right hand side of the page. We also recommend ordering a free copy of our Becoming a Coach book which explains our programs in great detail, discusses coaching as a career and contains information about the ICF.

Should you wish to receive more information about the coaching profession, or experience an actual teleclass before enrolling into the Core Essentials Program, we offer a 4 week introductory course called Becoming a Coach. This course is designed to help you learn exactly what coaching is and assist you in deciding if you indeed would like to become a coach. It is also a great place to experience a teleclass environment. For more information on upcoming dates go to the Becoming a Coach page.

Admission to our programs is really quite simple; there are no prerequisites because we provide all of the coach training that you need from the basics to the more advanced.

We encourage you to browse this site and contact us if you have any questions